Safety Services

Safety Philosophy & Culture

At GALATA HAVUZ, safety is a top priority. We believe that safety is a culture and we believe that all accidents, big or small, are avoidable. We feel it is our responsibility to ensure our employees go home every night in the same condition they arrive at work that morning. This means creating a culture that promotes safety and efficiency.

GALATA HAVUZ strives for zero incidents in the workplace and has developed and implemented over 100 SOP’s for common work. We facilitate weekly monitoring of Near Hit Near Miss and Stop Work Authority information, Safety Audits, Behavior Based Safety data, and Assessments to help implement corrective actions when needed.

We believe that safe practices should be applied in our employees’ everyday lives. We require all new employees to go through extensive safety training, Short Service Employee onboard process, as well as continual safety training as defined by the scope of work. We stress the importance of how the topic relates to both on-the-job practices as well as home activities during all GALATA HAVUZ safety meetings.