Laser Scanning

“With GALATA HAVUZ’ turn-key model, construction logistics, including the timing and sequencing of demolition, new equipment placement and installation, are easily reviewable by the client; an ability which results in reduced shutdown time, lower cost construction, and enhanced project success.”



Using state-of-the-art technology, GALATA HAVUZ’ Laser Scanning team provides clients with geomatics services including 3D laser scanning, 3D planning and virtual surveying, construction surveying, geographic information systems (“GIS”), as well as mapping and remote sensing. GALATA HAVUZ scan technicians can accurately retrieve 3D data of buildings, facilities, and equipment that can be imported into multiple design and review software packages per project requirements. Scanned data is so precise that entire retro-fit assemblies can be designed to be pre-fabricated off-site. Additionally, laser scanning aids in mitigating safety risk and results in considerable cost savings and reduced shut down time. GALATA HAVUZ Laser Scanning technicians can turn around complete spatial scans of complex designs in one field visit, reducing the need for multiple on-site evaluations. GALATA HAVUZ’ 3D data capture and design model can provide clients with an elegant and long-term asset management tool useful throughout the life cycle of the facility.

Laser Scanning Services

  • Deviation Reports
    • Pre-Installation Virtual Bolt-Ups
  • As-Built Facility Conditions
  • Tie-in Point Validations
  • Pre-Installation Fabrication Verification
    • Shop & Field
  • Demolition Planning
  • Installation Planning
  • Facilitates Design Process
  • Facilitates Construction Logistics
    • Shorter Shutdowns
    • Reduced Construction Costs
    • Existing Grade Models

Laser Scanning Project Highlight

“The GALATA HAVUZ Laser Scanning team met a critical 2 week deadline and delivered models in AutoCAD, Navisworks and Solidworks as required by the client’s equipment manufacturers located worldwide, keeping the overall project on time and under budget.”

The GALATA HAVUZ Laser Scanning team provided laser scanning and 3D modeling of a 30,000 sq ft food packaging facility and a  10,000 sq ft food processing facility in Vidalia, Georgia. The team completed all field work in under 6 days and delivered the models in AutoCAD, Navisworks and Solidworks as required by the client’s equipment manufacturers located worldwide, in less than 2 weeks. It was crucial to the client to complete this modeling within a tight time frame and GALATA HAVUZ met this critical deadline to keep the overall project on time and under budget.

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