Electrical Construction

“GALATA HAVUZ’ senior construction staff, with over 145 years of trade experience, oversees our full service electrical construction, maintenance, instrumentation, and communication services for industrial clients, with an emphasis on safety and quality.”

Our skilled team is large enough to handle major projects and flexible enough to support small maintenance and troubleshooting jobs. GALATA HAVUZ’ experienced craftsmen can build and maintain your electrical distribution systems. As members of the Association of Builders & Contractors (ABC), our staff has full access to state-of-the-art trade and safety training. Our staff includes a dedicated QA/QC manager focused on assuring highest quality construction standards as well as client specific specifications are met on every job.

Construction Management Services

  • Constructability Review
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • Bid Preparation
  • Underground Conduit
  • Field Equipment, Slab on Grade Stub Ups
  • Power Distribution Systems and Switchgear
  • Power Generating Systems
  • Low, Medium, and High Voltage Construction and Maintenance
  • MCC/PLC Control Rooms
  • Cable Tray & Wireways
  • MCC, PLC, VFD, Motor & Field Equipment
  • Construction Site Supervision
  • Pre-job Safety Analysis
  • Cost & Quality Control
  • Financial Status Reports & Cash Flow Projections
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Wiring
  • Cathodic Protection, Heat Tracing & Site Grounding
  • QA/QC, Startup, Commissioning of Electrical Equipment with Engineering/Site Operations
  • Emergency Repairs

Instrumentation Services

  • Processing Instruments
    • Flow, Pressure, Level & Analyzing Transmitters
  • Air & Sample Tubing/Pipe Valves
    • I/P, Pneumatic Solenoid & other Control/Processing Valves
    • QA/QC & Startup

Communication Services

  • Cameras
  • Communication Panels
  • Fiber Optic Terminations
  • Communication Media
    • Cat6e, COAX, Fiber, Phone Cable

Pole-Line Construction Services

  • Air Switches
  • Reclosures
  • Service Drops
  • Temporary Power
  • Underground High Voltage Distribution
  • Capacitor, Transformer, and Switchgear Installations
  • High and Medium Voltage Cable Splicing and Terminations